What are CBD Oil Capsules and Soft Gels? These are CBD pills that you take by mouth. The dose is not as customizable as with tinctures, but they are easier to take and we have certainly seen people who have had great success with these forms of CBD.

How many capsules or soft gels should I take? This will depend on the strength that you purchase, but most commonly we sell 15mg doses. With these you will start with 1 capsule per day. We will give you instructions on how you can increase from there.

How do I take CBD Oil Capsules and Soft Gels? You take these by mouth with a glass of water and can take them with or without meals!

How do I know if my CBD Oil Capsules or Soft Gels are working? Because you have to find the dose that works for you, it is possible you may not feel anything at first. We will give you instructions on how to increase the dose slowly so that you can find the sweet spot where it works best for you. We will also give you a CBD dosing sheet to follow for your convenience.